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Confessions of a Shaikh’s Wife
Confessions of a Shaikh’s Wife

Over the years, there have been times when I have been asked by starry-eyed young women about the idea of marrying an imam or shaikh. The thought of marrying someone...

Conversations on Race, Faith & the Next Generation
Conversations on Race, Faith & the Next Generation

Racial divides continue to be a reality, despite the diversity of the American Muslim community. In Part 3 of this series, we explore racism and ways to move forward.

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Spirit of the Suhba Fellowship

ImanWire Posted March 01 2018

In 2017 a group of one hundred people from ten different countries moved to Istanbul, Turkey, to join the Suhba Fellowship program with Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui. In this video Shaykh Mokhtar narrates the essence what the Suhba Fellowship in Istanbul is all about.

Arabic: Life and Tradition

ImanWire Posted March 01 2018

Having to deal with a diverse student base with varying levels of Arabic proficiency, Dr. Ahmad Snobar describes his unique methodology in constructing the Suhba Fellowship Arabic Program.

Gender Interaction After #MeToo Featured Podcast

Hudūr: Increasing Presence in an Age of Distraction

Muizz Rafique Posted January 03 2018 in
With the new year, my resolution is simple — be present. Whether at work, with my spouse and kids, or most importantly, with God and His Messenger ﷺ, I… [read more]

Masculine, Feminine, and a Cycle of Oppression

Mohamed Ghilan Posted February 14 2018 in Life & Culture
What does it mean to champion women’s rights and identify oneself as a feminist? Though it appears simple and easy to answer, this question is anything… [read more]

How Visiting Imam Shafi Changed My Life

Moutasem Atiya Posted February 20 2018 in Spirituality
I'll always be indebted to Imam Shafi — may God sanctify his soul — as the visit to him opened my heart to a way to love and remember the Prophet ﷺ. … [read more]

Racism still is neglected in the community and even when it is addressed, it often fails to discuss its roots or provide solutions grounded in a practical approach. How can we address it spiritually?

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