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Examining the Burda
Examining the Burda

The Burdah of al-Būṣīrī is from among the most famous poems composed in honor of the Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ. This series of commentaries on the Burda sheds light on the famous poem.

Hajj At Home
Hajj At Home

The first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah have unique rewards and opportunities, specifically for those of us who are not on Hajj.

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Spirit of the Suhba Fellowship

ImanWire Posted March 01 2018

In 2017 a group of one hundred people from ten different countries moved to Istanbul, Turkey, to join the Suhba Fellowship program with Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui. In this video Shaykh Mokhtar narrates the essence what the Suhba Fellowship in Istanbul is all about.

Arabic: Life and Tradition

ImanWire Posted March 01 2018

Having to deal with a diverse student base with varying levels of Arabic proficiency, Dr. Ahmad Snobar describes his unique methodology in constructing the Suhba Fellowship Arabic Program.

Towards Sacred Activism Featured Podcast

Living and Dying on a Prayer: How Jumu’ah Orients Us to the Next Life

Muhammad Noor Posted March 21 2019 in Spirituality
In the wake of last Friday’s tragedy in New Zealand, we may find ourselves consumed by the images and the reporting, which then gives way to fears of… [read more]

Blind Faith in Intellectual Circles

Mohamed Ghilan Posted March 26 2018 in Life & Culture
The question is not whether God exists. The real question to ask is whether our worship will be directed towards God or towards idols of our own making.… [read more]

Why We Must Recapture Scholarly Discourse from Extreme Bloggers

Shazia Ahmad Posted March 27 2019 in Life & Culture
One cannot deny the move towards rhetoric and practice in the Western Muslim community that is more liberal, reformist, and progressive, but the extreme… [read more]

In this episode, we discuss the effects of changing social norms on Muslims and the role of culture. How can Muslims be producers of a vibrant, confident American Muslim culture?

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