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Pearls of the Qur
Pearls of the Qur'an 2017

Join our leading scholars as they examine both the external and internal dimensions of the Qur'an and share their commentary at our annual conference

Conversations on Race, Faith & the Next Generation
Conversations on Race, Faith & the Next Generation

Racial divides continue to be a reality, despite the diversity of the American Muslim community. In Part 3 of this series, we explore racism and ways to move forward.

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Tazkiyatul Al Nafs: Purification of the Soul Series with Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui: Video 1

ImanWire Posted January 13 2017

Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui discusses the path of spiritual purification.

The Life of Muhammad Part 1

ImanWire Posted February 11 2017

Sirah Part 1 - The Life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) - Why Study His Life? - Moutasem Atiya

Featured Podcast Empowering Women’s Voices & Scholarship

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The Walking Quran of West Africa: Scholarship, Liberty & the Abolition of Slavery - Dr. Rudolph Ware

ImanWire Podcast Posted February 13 2017 in ImanWire Podcast
History shapes the present and influences the future, but what if that history was turned on its head? What if we were to learn that African Muslims in… [read more]

Prophetic Pugilism & The Freedom Principle

Abdullah bin Hamid Ali Posted May 08 2017 in Spirituality
Strength is often mistaken as a weapon to be used to subdue one’s enemy and make others into one’s subjects. The Prophet, however, saw the truth of the… [read more]

Mystical Dimensions of Being a Mom

Guest Author Posted May 10 2017 in Spirituality
Our time is increasingly filled with the preoccupations of, well, occupations. And smart phones, social media, food, and endless to-do lists. And, for… [read more]

Activists and scholars have at times struggled to be on the same wavelength, creating obstacles in communal efforts for both social justice and spiritual refinement. What are the roots of this disconnect, and how can they get on the same page?

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