The Best of ImanWire in 2015
The Best of ImanWire in 2015

Revisit the events of the past year with this review of the best articles from ImanWire in 2015

Conversations on Race, Faith & the Next Generation
Conversations on Race, Faith & the Next Generation

Racial divides continue to be a reality, despite the diversity of the American Muslim community. In Part 2 of this series, we explore racism and ways to move forward.

China Spiritual Tour
China Spiritual Tour

There is no better way to transform your inner journey than to explore both our outer and inner worlds.

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Experience Pearls of the Qur’an

Guest Author Posted November 16 2015

Some things In Life You Need To Experience. Watch the Pearls of the Qur'an trailer made by award winning filmmaker Mustafa Davis. Learn more at

Amina The Mother Of Muhammad

Moutasem Atiya Posted December 19 2015

Lets look at the life of Amina - Mother of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) - and the amazing last words she said to her beloved son.

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Violence and Defection From the Faith

Abdullah bin Hamid Ali Posted January 20 2016 in
Muslim scholars would serve the religion better by re-characterizing what was classically referred to as “apostasy” as its true meaning, which is… [read more]

Responding to Islamophobia

Dawud Walid Posted October 28 2015 in Life & Culture
What truth, if any, is contained in Islamophobic depictions of today's American Muslim? What message about ourselves is being transmitted? Dawud Walid… [read more]

Aqeedah Wars: A Conversation with Shaykh Sa’eed Fodeh

AlMadina Posted January 25 2016 in Interviews
In Mohamed Ghilan's interview with Shaykh Sa’eed Fodeh, arguably the most prominent Muslim theologian in the Ash’ari School today, Shaykh Fodeh… [read more]

The Path To Spiritual Growth Video Series

We are often told we need to get in spiritual shape by drawing ourselves closer to Allah, but many of us simply don't know where to start. In an attempt to help bring clarity to the Spiritual Purification process, Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui guides us through the basic understanding of who and what we are.

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