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Confessions of a Shaikh’s Wife
Confessions of a Shaikh’s Wife

Over the years, there have been times when I have been asked by starry-eyed young women about the idea of marrying an imam or shaikh. The thought of marrying someone...

Conversations on Race, Faith & the Next Generation
Conversations on Race, Faith & the Next Generation

Racial divides continue to be a reality, despite the diversity of the American Muslim community. In Part 3 of this series, we explore racism and ways to move forward.

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Prayers Upon The Messenger

ImanWire Posted October 03 2017

Imam Ali Tos beautifully sends prayers upon the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him).

Mercy Precedes Knowledge

ImanWire Posted October 03 2017

The Spirit of Mercy by Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui

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When Our Teens Question the Deen

Suzy Ismail Posted November 01 2017 in Life & Culture
What can you do if you feel your teen’s faith is slipping? Bring the beauty of the deen to life for them.

Hamrā’ al-Asad: Three Ways to Face Defeat

Anse Tamara Gray Posted November 08 2017 in Announcements
This little known event gives us a glimpse into the leadership of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. He reaches forward to us today with lessons of the power of shared… [read more]

The Presumption of Innocence When Too Many Victims Go Unheard

Jonathan Brown Posted November 14 2017 in Life & Culture
Recent reports of sexual misconduct and assault have intensified an already profound ethical, legal and media crisis in US society, one in which Muslims… [read more]

Activists and scholars have at times struggled to be on the same wavelength, creating obstacles in communal efforts for both social justice and spiritual refinement. What are the roots of this disconnect, and how can they get on the same page?

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