The Day Two Scholars Slapped Me

The other day I was sitting in the utopia of my library staring at my bookshelf admiring the great spiritual and intellectual legacy left behind by these great men and women.

The First 24 Hours: Leaving the Tazkiyah Retreat

I left home at an early age. I remember the others kids around me; they cried the first night. I didn’t. Though calm on the outside, I felt...

China Spiritual Tour

There is no better way to transform your inner journey than to explore both our outer and inner worlds.

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Experience Pearls of the Qur’an

Guest Author Posted November 16 2015

Some things In Life You Need To Experience. Watch the Pearls of the Qur'an trailer made by award winning filmmaker Mustafa Davis. Learn more at

What’s The World Coming To? - On Paris Attacks

Moutasem Atiya Posted November 17 2015

Moutasem Atiya reflects on the barbaric attacks on Paris and other areas of the world.

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When Thanksgiving Meets Ashura

Mohammed Saleem Posted October 20 2015 in Spirituality
The day of Ashura is unfortunately not given its full due because we choose to observe it through the polarizing lens of our own personal ideology. Some… [read more]

Responding to Islamophobia

Dawud Walid Posted October 28 2015 in Life & Culture
What truth, if any, is contained in Islamophobic depictions of today's American Muslim? What message about ourselves is being transmitted? Dawud Walid… [read more]

A Muslim in Paris: A Jihad Honored By France

Mohamed Ghilan Posted August 25 2015 in Life & Culture
Three Americans were awarded France’s highest honour, the Légion d’Honneur medal, for thwarting what appeared to be an attack on a train. Given the… [read more]

The Beauty of Muhammad Video Series

Everything about the Messenger of God is beautiful. From the way he spoke, ate, slept, combed his hair, and dealt with his family to his interaction with his companions, everything he did was done with spiritual dignity and serves as a lesson for all of us.

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