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Inner Dimensions of the Qur
Inner Dimensions of the Qur'an

Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui examines several selections from the Qur'an, reflecting on how they play a crucial role in our understanding of the process of self-purification.

Conversations on Race, Faith & the Next Generation
Conversations on Race, Faith & the Next Generation

Racial divides continue to be a reality, despite the diversity of the American Muslim community. In Part 3 of this series, we explore racism and ways to move forward.

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Imam Erhan Mete Reciting From Surah Yusuf

ImanWire Posted October 01 2016

Imam Erhan Mete of the Eyup Sultan Mosque in Istanbul Turkey beautifully recites verses from Surah Yusuf.

Tazkiyatul Al Nafs: Purification of the Soul Series with Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui: Video 1

ImanWire Posted January 13 2017

Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui discusses the path of spiritual purification.

Featured Podcast Looking Past the Elections

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Forbearance in Times of Madness

Kamran Riaz Posted November 11 2016 in Spirituality
Just as our Prophet never lost control of his emotional state, we too must strive to keep a level head during these times of madness. It’s a matter of… [read more]

The Perils of Fame: How to Be a Famous Muslim

Shazia Ahmad Posted October 12 2016 in Life & Culture
In our day and age it seems like everyone is trying to get famous. Activists, leaders, and everyday Muslims alike are putting themselves ‘out there’ to… [read more]

Three Suggestions in the Wake of the Presidency of Donald Trump

Dawud Walid Posted November 09 2016 in Life & Culture
Donald Trump is President-elect of the United States of America. Many are celebrating the symbolism of America having a White male conservative as the… [read more]