Online Family Summer Program July 4th to August 23rd

Al-Madina Institute's Family Summer Programs are personalized, free, six-week online courses specifically tailored for adults, teens ages (15-18), youth ages (10-14) and kids ages (6-9). Join us this summer as we explore our faith and the guidance it provides us all in living lives of beauty as individuals and as families.

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The Family Program brings a unique perspective to Islamic education.  It firmly believes that education must transform individual hearts, families and communities.  Knowledge is more than information.  It must be rooted in our traditional intellectual and spiritual legacy; it must be practiced and lived; it must touch and transform our heart’s relationship with Allah and His Messenger; and it must consequently be reflected in our inner character.  

The Family Program schedule is now available and can be downloaded here

In this spirit of community and growth, we are offering the following programs:

Kids Program (6-9) - Your spiritual garden in full bloom!

In the Family Summer Program course, children aged 6-9 will discover the beautiful garden that Allah placed within them - their spiritual heart - and how to nurture it to live a life of joy and happiness in this world and ever after.

Download our course description here.

Youth Program (10-14) - Becoming the Superhero you were born to be!

In the Family Summer Program, children ages 10-14 will explore their lives as real-life superheroes by traveling the path of true happiness.  This course will explore how they are able to guard and protect their precious souls, discover the spiritual potential within, and grow to become the happiest young men and women on earth. 

Download our course description here.

Teen Program (15-18) - Life is an SQ (not necessarily an IQ) test.  

In the Family Summer Program, join Ustadh Hassan as he navigates the world of teens to build both true IQ and, more importantly, SQ.  But what is SQ (Spiritual Quotient)?  Spiritual Quotient is the measurement by which we can gauge our spiritual connectedness to the Divine, and is expressed in our inner character. 

Download our course description here.

Family Rembrance Program - All ages

The Family Remembrance (Dhikr) is a one-hour gathering where we recite some Qur’an, remember Allah and His Beloved ﷺ, listen to beautiful renderings of spiritual songs (with their translation and brief commentary), learn core Islamic concepts essential for family spiritual growth, and share our reflections and experiences.  

Download our course description here.