The Profit of Remembering Our Prophet

The Profit of Remembering Our Prophet on

By Sharia Yasmine Ajmal, age 11.

I remember you, day and night

I think of your face, so perfectly bright 

In a dark time, a shining light

So full of noor, outside and in

A blessing for mankind, passed on through your kin

I know that you’re watching me, Ya Nabi

So remember me, in my time of need

And help me stay on as-sirat al mustaqim

My heart is always singing your praise

When I hear your name, my morale is raised

So intercede for me, oh Rasulallah

On the Day of Judgement, when all will fall

Oh Habib Allah, I remember you, because I hope

That I may emulate you

By practicing Islam, the religion that is true

I hope your ummah will remember you through and through

So we will all meet you

When I send prayers upon you, my day gets better

Insha’Allah, we’ll be together forever!

By Guest Author , 15 May 2014

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