The Best of ImanWire in 2017

The Best of ImanWire in 2017 on


Revisit the best articles and podcasts from ImanWire in 2017

Confessions of a Shaikh’s Wife

In this three part series, Umm Fudayl details the challenge of being married to a shaykh, from the sacrifices of being a student to the perils of fame.

More Than A Headscarf: How Hijab Has Lost Its Soul

While hijab is a frequently discussed topic in our community and a practice dissected from many different angles, Shazia Ahmad writes that in many ways it is little understood.

“Moderate Islam” & Muslim American Leadership: Reflections Before the Deluge

In the days leading up to the Presidential inauguration, Dr. Jonathan Brown examines the state of fragmented Muslim leadership and political engagement.

Mystical Dimensions of Being a Mom

Kelly El-Yacoubi addresses the dissatisfaction we might have not being able to devote time exclusively to our Lord and maintaining spiritual interests as busy parents.

Spiritually Addressing Anti-Black Racism 

Racism still is neglected among Muslims, and even when it is addressed, it often is not grounded in a spiritual approach. Dawud Walid discusses spiritual remedies to racism, challenging anti-blackness, and Black luminaries from early Muslim history.

Light Upon Light: A Journey Through the Qur’an Into the Reality of Salawat

Dr. Samer Dajani analyzes the meanings of ṣalāwāt and finds a connection with light that gives us a greater appreciation of the depth and impact of praising the Prophet ﷺ.

Muslim Women in Leadership: Nana Asma’u, Daughter of the Shehu

The history of Muslim women is a history of action, acumen and resilience. It is a history of personal power, community care and global grit. And few, Shaykha Tamara Gray reminds us, exemplify this history like Nana Asma’u of the early nineteenth century.

Emotional Intelligence Personified: How Following the Sunnah Can Save Your Marriage

How many couples in our community are struggling and given insufficient advice, told that they will resolve their differences by simply focusing on their spirituality? Hosai Mojaddidi writes that we need to invest in increasing our emotional intelligence in emulation of the Prophet ﷺ.

When Our Teens Question the Deen

What can you do if you feel your teen’s faith is slipping? Suzy Ismail emphasizes that we need to bring the beauty of the deen to life for them.

Walking Qur’ans of Africa: Scholarship, Liberty & the Abolition of Slavery

What if we were to learn that African Muslims in the 18th century were pioneers in abolishing slavery and monarchy? Dr. Bilal Ware turns the history we know of on its head with insights that revolutionize our concepts of self and play a crucial role in the spiritual and social world-view and approach for Muslims of all backgrounds, in America and beyond.

Empowering Women’s Voices & Scholarship

Shaykha Tamara Gray and Ustadha Zaynab Mansour Ansari discuss the future of female scholarship, facing misogyny in the community, and how to facilitate more open platforms for feminine voices

By ImanWire , 28 Dec 2017

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