The Best of ImanWire in 2016

The Best of ImanWire in 2016 on


Revisit the best articles from ImanWire in 2016

The Greatest Crime

By Jonathan Brown

What allows people to kill the unarmed, children, or their friends? What convinces them they have to kill and perhaps even fills their veins with hatred is what is so commonly forgotten: dehumanization, the process by which we are convinced that another human is, in fact, not human at all.



The Halal Bubble and the Sunnah Imperative to Go Vegan

By Mohamed Ghilan

Given the current status of the planet and practices in the animal agriculture industry, and the numerous relevant verses in the Quran and available Hadiths, the Sunnah would be to give up all animal products and go vegan. 



Activism Should Mirror Prophetic Etiquettes

By Dawud Walid

There has been a surge in social justice activism, but also a rise of infighting within Muslim activist circles. Giving one another the benefit of the doubt and keeping space in the hearts to pardon each other’s shortcomings are Prophetic characteristics.



The Perils of Fame: How to Be a Famous Muslim

By Shazia Ahmad

In our day and age it seems like everyone is trying to get famous. Activists, leaders, and everyday Muslims alike are putting themselves ‘out there’ to gain likes and subscribers, and to reach a large audience with their special brand or message.



The Ideology of Police Brutality

By Abdullah Bin Hamid Ali

Police officers neither make laws nor determine their constitutionality. But, they do something just as—if not more—significant. They enforce them. What happens when an officer selectively enforces laws? What happens when he chooses not to arrest a friend but to detain a foe?



The Effect of Fasting on Sleeping: Tips on Sleeping Well for a Better Ramadan

By Dr. Khaleel Ahmed and Mohammed Saleem

The disruptive effects of Ramadan on our sleep pattern are well-known. Short-term spiritual adrenaline alone may help mitigate the effects briefly, but typically it is followed by a crash of fatigue, often at the times we want to be increasing our spiritual efforts. 



Aqeedah Wars: A Conversation with Shaykh Sa’eed Fodeh

In Mohamed Ghilan's interview with Shaykh Sa’eed Fodeh, arguably the most prominent Muslim theologian in the Ash’ari School today, Shaykh Fodeh discusses the divisions within the Muslim community in America along theological fault lines.




Modernity, Mindfulness & Divine-Mindfulness

By Riad Saloojee

Muslims should not be uncritical in accepting mindfulness meditation as yet another attempt to treat the spiritual void generated by secular materialism.  For all its perceived benefits, mindfulness remains a fast-food solution to the spiritual hunger of our times. 



Doubting Sanctity: Why Saints Matter in Islam

By Muizz Rafique 

Why do saints matter? Because all human beings need to be reminded that in the midst of so much difficulty, temptation, and evil that the world presents, there will always be those individuals who realize the greatest human potential — to know God.


A Different Kind of Fear: Growing up Muslim in the Age of Trump

By Suzy Ismail

n our roles as Muslim mothers, fathers, teachers, leaders, counselors and many others, we worry. We worry about our children, our students, and all the young people already struggling in a world that tells them they are not wanted, not loved, not good enough, not American enough. 



Forbearance in Times of Madness

By Kamran Riaz

Just as our Prophet never lost control of his emotional state, we too must strive to keep a level head during these times of madness. It’s a matter of perspective: we can either choose to be nervous and afraid or we can continue to take solace and remain positive. 

By ImanWire , 30 Dec 2016

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