The Best of ImanWire in 2015

The Best of ImanWire in 2015 on


Revisit the most popular posts from ImanWire in 2015.

The Day Two Scholars Slapped Me

By Moutasem Atiya

Imam al-Ghazali and Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah, two of the most gifted Islamic scholars in history, stood before me. I envisioned their encouraging me and thanks, but instead they slapped me across the face.


Malcolm X, Converts & Moving Past Window Dressing Islam

By Mohammed Saleem

American Muslims, especially from the immigrant community, still struggle for relevancy because of a failure to integrate the call to Islam with the call to justice. This stems from a disservice to the legacy of Malcolm X, racism and an indifference to the Muslim convert.

Souled Out: ISIS, Slavery, & Your Personal Faith 

By Muhammad Noor 

While the Muslim world overwhelmingly rejects the actions of ISIS, the group claims their actions as valid interpretations of the sacred law. If such interpretations are drawn from traditional legal manuals, are the rebuttals to the claims of ISIS just apologetics from critics derided as “sell-outs”? Or does ISIS and their ilk simply represent a mirror image of the soulless faith that dominates today, “souled out” actors that erect an ego-driven faith of grotesque gratifications?

Shaykh Salih al-Ja’fari: The Symbol of Al-Azhar 

By Dr. Samer Dajani 

Shaykh Salih chose to give his life to teaching, and to live inside the walls of the very heart of Sunni Islam, giving his knowledge, wisdom, and counsel to those who came from near and far. We could say that his mission could be summed up in this: to equip the believers with beneficial knowledge that would guide them to the right course of action, and to fill their hearts with faith so that they had no space for - nor even desired - anything else. And as he wrote in Reassurance for the Seeker, “The hadith teaches us that faith becomes sweet through love of Allah and love of His Messenger.”

Truth: Between Conviction & Delusion 

By Mohamed Ghilan

Much of the spiritual crisis and doubts many experience can be attributed to the lack of personal investment and engagement in the actions prescribed by the Lawgiver. We have turned our rational powers from means to get to God into ends that everything, including God, must be subjected to. 

We Are Imam an-Nawawi: The Attack On Our Principles Beyond Paris

By Mohammed Saleem

How did the Paris shootings and Charlie Hebdo connect with the destruction of the tomb of Imam an-Nawawi in Syria? It is from a loss of sanctity for the sacred, which feeds a pattern of violence throughout the world. The only remedy is in embracing the principles by which Imam an-Nawawi lived.

The Challenge of Spirituality to Islamic Finance 

By Umar Moghul

I am often asked ‘What is Islamic finance? ‘Is it. . .Islamic?’. I nearly always hesitate. The answer isn’t simple or straightforward, at least not in my view, and that I find frustrating. 

Me Want It: Instant Gratification & Restraining the Inner Cookie Monster

By Haseeb Majid

Curbing our impulses for instant gratification takes effort, but if even the Cookie Monster can learn self-restraint, so can we.

Who Is Really Insulting the Prophet?: The Way Forward

By Kamran Riaz

Instead of being preoccupied with the question, “how dare they insult the Prophet?”, we should ask ourselves, “how dare we insult the Prophet?” 

Bringing Certainty to the Heart: A Step-by-Step Guide

By Amjad Tarsin 

There are three things that every believer can do to bring certainty to the heart: reading the Qur’ān with attentiveness so that it pierces our hearts; reflecting on the marvels of Allah’s creation in nature; and striving to express our servitude in action.

By ImanWire , 31 Dec 2015

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