Ep. 13: Muslim Masculinity: Challenging the Alt-Bro - Muhammad Mendes

Ep. 13: Muslim Masculinity: Challenging the Alt-Bro - Muhammad Mendes on

ImanWire Podcast
Mohammed Saleem

Faced with the challenges of liberalism and a changing social milieu, Muslims fear the erosion of Islamic principles and traditions. In this desire to hold on to the tradition, a reactionary hyper-masculinity has developed in some circles, to counter the perceived effeminacy and feminism in many of these outside influences. Is this a necessary response, or has it gone too far away from the tradition itself? What are its repercussions for our families and communities? Do notions of masculinity in the tradition itself challenge or support this trend? How can we break the cycle of perpetual "bros" in our community and cultivate chivalrous, selfless rijaal that are both confident in their masculinity and also sincere helpers and supporters of women? In this episode, we are joined by Shaykh Muhammad Mendes, the founding director of SacredService for Freedom and Justice, to discuss our concept of manhood and how it can be embraced positively.

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By ImanWire Podcast & Mohammed Saleem, 24 Apr 2017

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