Historic Mosque Visit: A Thoughtful Gift For President Obama

Historic Mosque Visit: A Thoughtful Gift For President Obama on


When President Obama made his historic visit to the Islamic Society of Baltimore on February 3, 2016, he was given a unique gift by students of the Al-Rahmah School.  The President received an original piece of artwork showing both the beauty of Islamic calligraphy and wisdom of the Prophetic tradition. Below is the text of the letter written to the President that accompanied the gift:


Dear Mr. President:

On behalf of Al-Rahmah School at the Islamic Society of Baltimore, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your historic visit. 

As a token of our appreciation please accept this handcrafted calligraphy by Turan Sevgili of Istanbul, a master of modern day Islamic Art. The border work, known as ebru (traditional paper marbling of Turkey) is crafted by Eda Funda Ozkan, whose art adorns spiritual sanctuaries around the world. 

This timeless and profound hadith, or Prophetic tradition, translates to:

"The leader of the nation is he who serves his people."

Because you have spent your time striving to improve the lives of the citizens of our country and countless others throughout the world, this hadith speaks of your service during your Presidency. You  have been an exemplar of true leadership.

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and all the Messengers of God, taught us that leadership is to be in service, and to be in service is leadership. We thank you for beautifully embodying this message.

We pray that God continues to bless you and your family.


Al-Rahmah School Students and Staff

By ImanWire , 03 Feb 2016

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