Ep. 23: Spiritually Addressing Anti-Black Racism - Dawud Walid

Ep. 23: Spiritually Addressing Anti-Black Racism - Dawud Walid on

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Dawud Walid

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Racism still is neglected among Muslims, and even when it is addressed, it often fails to discuss the roots of anti-blackness or provide solutions grounded in a spiritual approach.

Imam Dawud Walid joins the podcast as we talk about racism from a spiritual perspective, from the story of Adam and Iblis, to the incident between Bilal and Abu Dharr to the modern day, outlining the need to incorporate anti-racism work into the purification of the heart (tazkiyah) and our spiritual curriculum. We discuss the anti-blackness that pervades many cultures and the measures that may help in flipping the script in how we perceive blackness, including Dawud Walid's own book, "Centering Black Narrative: Black Muslim Nobles Among the Early Pious Muslims" and his upcoming work on the Black luminaries from the Ahl-ul-Bayt, the family of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him and his family).

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By ImanWire Podcast & Dawud Walid, 18 Dec 2017

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