Ep. 12: Don’t Be A Victim - Anse Tamara Gray & Zaynab Ansari

Ep. 12: Don’t Be A Victim - Anse Tamara Gray & Zaynab Ansari on

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Anse Tamara Gray

Anti-Muslim racism can take a toll, especially among youth and others in the community who may feel the most targeted. To feel like a victim constantly under attack, however, poses significant dangers to our spiritual well-being. For some, this creates a hyper-reactivity that blames Islamophobia for all the challenges they face, even leading a small number to exaggerate or falsify claims of harassment. For the majority of others, their fears can either lead them to try to appear less Muslim or live as Muslims unknowingly crippled by their feelings of victimization and inferiority.

In this episode, Anse Tamara Gray and Zaynab Mansour Ansari discuss how to combat internalizing victimhood and how to be positive agents of change in our community and mentors to our youth. They also share their advice to Muslim women concerned about wearing hijab in the current climate.

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