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Nuria  Garcia Masip
Nuria Garcia Masip is a Spanish calligrapher belonging to the Ottoman school of Islamic calligraphy. She has studied for the past eighteen years with some of the greatest masters of this school and holds her diploma (ijazah) in the thuluth and naskh scripts from masters Mohamed Zakariya, Davut Bektas and Hasan Çelebi. She has won prestigious prices in international calligraphy competitions, exhibits internationally and has given workshops and conferences in many different countries. She is currently based in Paris, where she teaches regular calligraphy courses and engages in research and different calligraphy activities. For more information, see


In reproducing artwork, the calligrapher must try to obliterate his or her own stylistic preferences and give way to the essence of the original piece. Nuria Garcia Masip shares her attempt to reproduce a famous work from Abdullah Zuhdi from the Mosque of the Prophet.

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