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Dr. Recep Şentürk is the President of Ibn Khaldun University (IHU) in Istanbul, Turkey. Professor Şentürk holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University, Department of Sociology, and specializes in civilization studies, sociology and Islamic studies with a focus on social networks, human rights, and modernization in the Muslim world. Among his books are in English, Narrative Social Structure: Hadith Transmission Network 610-1505 , and in Turkish; Open Civilization: Towards a Multi- Civilizational Society and World; Ibn Khaldun: Contemporary Readings; Malcolm X: Struggle for Human Rights, Social Memory: Hadith Transmission Network 610-1505. Dr. Şentürk’s work has been translated to Arabic, Japanese and Spanish. For full list of his works visit:


Imagine a tree rooted in Anatolia, yet casting a wide shadow and bearing fruit that spreads and benefits the entire globe.  From Japan to America, individuals found rest under its shade, and were bestowed with abundant fruits satiating their spiritual thirst and hunger. This is a tree that…

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Why learn? Dr. Recep Senturk, President of Ibn Khaldun University in Istanbul, joins the ImanWire podcast to answer this question, discuss the relationship between knowledge and adab, the differences between the secular and Islamic models of education, and cultivating independent, critical thinkers.

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