Scholars & Activists: Bridging the Gap - Dawud Walid & Tariq Toure

Scholars & Activists: Bridging the Gap - Dawud Walid & Tariq Toure on

ImanWire Podcast
Mohammed Saleem

Activists and scholars have at times struggled to be on the same wavelength, creating obstacles in communal efforts for both social justice and spiritual refinement. What are the roots of this disconnect, and how can they get on the same page? In this episode, Dawud Walid and Tariq Touré join host Mohammed Saleem to examine the scholar-activist relationship from different angles, including generational and social dynamics at play, the role of Islamic spirituality and creed, relevancy in scholarship, and navigating through the influence of liberalism in activist circles. In this far-reaching conversation, they also discuss the leadership role Muslims can have, the ethics of civil disobedience and how Muslims can practically engage in activism.

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By ImanWire Podcast & Mohammed Saleem, 21 Mar 2017

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